Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roller coaster

Today has been full of it's ups and downs. I spent the morning taking our MacBook to the Mac dr because it decided to crash on me. Praying we don't have to buy another one! Then I met up with some awesome ladies and had coffee. Angela and I took the kiddos to the library for story time. Then we ran some errands. I found out today she only has 60 days left which makes me so sad. Our kids really love each other and we were getting so close. But friends are forever and I am sure I will see her again. Then I left and got the kiddos home to see how my tie dye project went. They turned out awesome! I'm usually not that proud of myself but I really nailed it. So I tried to dry them after rinsing and after further inspection realized the blue was bleeding!! It looked like the sun went away and the clouds tumbled in with the rain. I quickly threw them in the wash and prayed for it to get fixed. Meanwhile ordering a new skirt so I could make another one just in case. Well they came out beautiful. I did my first Jillian michaels workout and it was so hard. I am really out if shape. An hour later stub my pinkie toe so hard I swear it's broken. But we shall see tomorrow. Then hubby called and said he would not be home until late again. And then we went and got him. Made it easy: pizza for dinner. And now I'm in the bathroom waiting for the shower to get hot so I can get unstinky. I'm so glad in back on Prozac. Things got dark there for a while. Now all I need is my Adderol and things might actually get done around here. I started back on WW again yesterday hoping that I stick with it this time.