Monday, January 3, 2011

Good News and Bad News

So lets start with the good news; We had a horrible experience at the Womack hospital, so we ended up driving up to Durham to get Tom to see his baby. But we did find out we are having a GIRL!!!! Tom is sooooooo nervous now lol. But we decided to name her Madison Veronica Larson. So we are both super excited that he got to find out about it before he left. So onto the bad news; Hubby is gone for 3 months. There is a possibility he can come home for a weekend but I have heard horror stories about them not getting any breaks. So today was the first day of the 90 day countdown! Had a great day with him yesterday up until we went to bed and I had a breakdown. He said bye to Max this morning too. Now Max is acting depressed. So not only do I have to stay put together I have to help my little pupster feel better. I guess its good training for being a mommy. God thats scary..... I'm gonna be a mommy! Who would have thunk it? I cant wait to feel the baby move and kick. All I feel right now is gas and bloating and cramps blah!!! I miss my hunny bunny sugar lump papa bear bunches already!!!!