Monday, April 7, 2014

Soooooo tired!!!!


So I'm totally exhausted, stayed up wayyyyyyy to late watching WWZ. Btw I am so angry it needs a sequel, but overall a good movie. So this mornings rant is about selfies. I am so over them. Let's take 50000000 of the same pic of ourselves and post them on Facebook. And have you noticed most of the people that are into taking daily selfies and single? Maybe if you weren't so self absorbed you would not be single? Maybe someone could stand you for more than 5 minutes? I don't know why i am even friends with some of the people I am on Facebook. Oh yes I have been on Facebook a couple of times already today. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully I can wean myself off of it. So I got my pots planted last night, I'm hoping this kid naps soon so we can go take a pic!
So today has been rough, my lack of sleep last night has affected this whole day. I am so exhausted and napping with 2 kids awake is like trying to nap during a nuclear strike. I cooked food and did some dishes today so I guess I did something. Other than that I have been on Pinterest, amazon, and Facebook all day. Yes Facebook. The sad part is I can't like or comment on any posts because I want people to think I'm actually doing well. I really want to go to bed and wake up on a different day. Tomorrow I will be out with Tamela and Lorri but that means Tom will be all butt hurt that I won't be home to spend time with him all day. I can tell he is mad at me. We are in foul moods and its nu bueno. I want a do over on this weekend. I want to start over.

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