Saturday, April 5, 2014

Crazy Day

So YAY Daddy came home yesterday, so naturally we spent the day running errands. Today I got to sleep in thank God. Mina has been in super emotional toddler mode and Tommy is going through something wicked so he is medicated and on his second nap of the day! I love it when hubby is home because I get to cook for real again. No more mac and cheese or frozen chicken nuggets. I made an amazing Caprese salad and Pork tenderloin for lunch. We are going to try to get the kitchen cleaned up today so I can cook dinner lol. Hopefully at some point we can go to Vierdia and get the stuff I need for my herb garden! I am so excited to have fresh herbs on my back porch! I found an amazing Organic store near our house and went shopping this morning. I wish I had found it 2 years ago opposed to 9 months before we leave but you know better late than never. I felt pride today making my kids food though. I am slowly moving away from pre packaged and over processed foods. Today I gave my daughter fresh plain yogurt with fresh cut strawberries in it and she loved it. So no more buying fruit and sugar full yogurts. these are things I should really be doing all the time. I am going to get spinach to put in smoothies for them. This is the way we should all be eating. Sure they are gonna get fast food and frozen nuggets on occasion. But if the major portion of their food is natural and healthy I am ok with the occasional junk foods. SO Facebook has been a lot harder to give up than I thought. The fact that it's not right on my phone is helpful but I was still on it a few times yesterday. Or if I do something (like make an amazing lunch) I want to immediately post a pic. Or vent on my timeline. It is so annoying my life has revolved around a stupid website! Today hopefully Tom and I can dig into the word a bit while the kiddos are napping. I signed up for Parents Night Out for the week after next so we can have some alone time. Him and I need to get back to a place where we are connecting and have some time away from the kids together. Thinking about taking the kiddos on a hike next weekend (God help us all). Tamela and I are suppose to go to Nove on Monday after some lunch so that would be nice! I actually looked up those piggy banks on the Tiffany's website, I paid 17 euro, they sell on Tiffany's for $125!!! I should buy like 5000000000 and sell for like $70 on ebay lol. I am trying to make a list of things to get our friends and family from Italy before moving back. But only for the close people, we can't afford to get EVERYONE a present! I am already getting my plans and thoughts together for moving back. I know its months away but I am already so excited. I miss my family so much and I know they all miss us and especially the kids!!
FF to 11:19PM
So we went to the garden store and my husband was going to flip out. Way too many people and 2 kids that want to run in opposite directions. The garden store comes with an outdoor goat farm so I told him to take the kiddos there to play while I stood in line to pay lol. Disaster Averted!!! The kids had a blast feeding the goats grass. We got lots of videos and pictures and some much needed outdoor family time. And to top it all off I got my stuff for my herb garden. Thank God one of the workers there spoke English so he could help me cause I have never planted anything in my life. We also got mina a couple small plants and the cutest little watering pot to help mommy water the plants. We then went to Pizza King to grab dinner and headed home. Tommy of course was exhausted and went down right after dinner. Mina was a complete drama queen and likes to try to tattle on mommy. We were also trying to talk to Tom's parents the whole time. But even after all that my ADHD ass needed to go plant my herbs and water them. Then proceed to make some detox water I have been dying to try for months. I roped Tom into it so I am guessing we will be taking turns hitting up the john tomorrow. Now to go to the bedroom and watch a zombie flick with my hunny before hitting the sac. So good day equals good night!

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