Thursday, April 3, 2014


OK so OBVIOUSLY it has been quite a while since I have posted. I chose to get my ass off of Facebook today. Not for good but for a good while. I have noticed more and more each day how it overtakes everything in my life. I don't spend nearly enough quality time with my kids, my husband, and God knows the house could use some attention. On top of that I am always stressed. I have been trying to do better in my walk with Jesus but when I have Facebook its like who needs Jesus. I need time to spend for myself and not doing meaningless stalking of other people. One day I will go back to it and use it for its purpose without making it an idol. So so far today I am doing OK. So I want to write out everything I do with my kids, with my family. I want to be able to look back on these days and see how well or bad I did in raising them or spending time with them. I want to keep an online diary. I am going to warn you now. I am an emotional creature. I don't cry much but who needs crying when I can vent 24/7? So there will be ups, and there will be downs. But hopefully I can keep myself sane through the process. I put Facebook down today and so far my daughter is happy. I did finger painting with her. I folded 3 months worth of laundry that piled up on the guest bed, and did some dishes. Who would have thunk it. I can get shit done when I am not sitting in front of Facebook all day. Two weeks ago I went to a Woman's Church Retreat and met this amazing woman named Victoria Robinson. She is an anointed woman of God and gave me hope for raising my children. Everything she said I felt like was almost speaking directly to me. Facebook was also mentioned. So here I am replacing Facebook with something I hope doesn't become just as unhealthy. I mean there is only so much I can write, right? Wow so just an update, my Internet just said a big "f" you to me and would not let any websites load. Only took like 2 hours to fix. Anyway today is one of those up and down days. I thought I was being a good mom at first but I'm exhausted, Tommy has been a pain in my ass and getting into everything and it's the first time I have been mad at him. As I write that I think wow how can anyone be mad at a baby? These are the reasons I need God. I need him to give me patience, to help me bite my tongue when all I want to do is yell stop and lash out at them. Then Mina poops in her panties……..Potty training day 4. maybe its too soon for panties. Maybe naked time at home and pull ups outside? Hey saves me money on diapers right? I have got to say this is soooooooo much better than Facebook already. I can express myself how I want without worrying about what ALL of my friends and family think of me. And make snide comments or whatever. I am free to say whatever it is that comes to mind. Right now I just want some peace and quiet. Tommy is trying again to nap and Mina is playing with her toys. I still have laundry to fold and dishes in the sink but I am beyond exhausted at this point. Maybe there is a nap in store for all of us. On that note…. I will be keeping up with this blog regularly and will see you again soon!!!!

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