Monday, April 7, 2014

A mother knows best...... If only she knew she knows best

So I took Mina to the dr this morning for this damn rash she's had for 4 months. It's been on and off 4 times now. I figured she needed to be potty trained and maybe that was the issue. So I took her in and of course that's what he said. It's just persisten diaper rash blah blah blah. Potty training and naked time at home blah blah blah. Thanks I wasted my morning. I'm always so worried I'm doing the wrong thing and take my kids in looking like an idiot. But we got to have lunch with daddy who unfortunately is on CQ today. I hate these stupid shifts. I should be cleaning, but just too lazy to. Mina is still napping I should prob get her up. What a waste of a day. Hopefully tomorrow tom won't sleep forever and we can spend some time together. I'm gonna take the kids out of the house in the morning and let Tom sleep a bit. I have to run errands anyway and it will be good for the kids to go play. I hate when Tom has CQ because it throws our days off. I also hate being a single mom half the time. It's probably why I suck so bad at being a housewife. 

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