Friday, November 12, 2010


So I'm sick and tired of this! I'm sick of being ill. I can't eat without throwing up. Changed my prenatals, still not helping. I want this baby soooooo bad but this is painful. It sucks too because I feel ungrateful. We asked the Lord for this baby and I feel like I'm not seeing it as a miracle like I should. I know women do this all the time but how? How do they go through it with such happiness and joy when I feel like I'm on the borderline of being resentful. My husband has been amazing but he has his physical and mental limits too. So on top of not feeling well I have to deal with the issue that the house doesn't get put together, dinner doesn't always get made, the dogs get taken care of by my husband, and I can't do anything about it. I went to the grocery store the other day and by the time I got home and got everything to the apartment (which isa on the third floor btw) I felt more ill than i did in days! I feel so bad for Tom too. He is trying so hard to be good and take care of everything but of course he is going to have his breaking point too. Hopefully we can have a good weekend. Wednesday is my first Intake appointment. hopefully they can try to dosomething for my sickness. My wonderful pastor Filmore prayed for me this morning. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people around me. hopefully the rest of the day goes better than right now.

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  1. Just keep in mind you have it very easy, compared to alot of other women.. I would classify you as mild morning sickness. There is so many women out there that can't even have kids or that get to sick and can't have anymore!! It's all how you look at it, truly getting up and doing something instead of laying around all day helps, it really does, even if it's something little. With how extremely sick I get with my pregnancy's I still managed to do what I could with picking up the house and taking care of my pets and kid. Dont use this as a excuse, make it motivate you!!!! Now is when you want to get into a neat nit-ch before Baby gets here. Don't over do it, but do something during the day.