Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Joys

So i had an amazing time with my sister and her hubby this weekend. We cooked dinner together and she made an amazing feast, which after hours of cooking neither of us felt like eating! Baby is getting a little better to deal with but the nausea has not completely going away yet. Getting kinda nervous. Tom leaves on the 3rd of January for 3 months and I'm gonna have a rough time with it. Usually it takes me a good bit of missing him to be ok but this time I wont even be able to hear his voice. My mom is wants me to stay with her for my bday to not think about him being gone which is super sweet of her but I still think its gonna be hard. I feel bad whining to my friends here about it because some of them have it much harder than I do but my mom has been a good ear to vent to. The baby still doesn't like a lot of foods thus far. Im hoping that it will be better soon cause I cant do this for 6 more months!

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